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Installation of fire doors

July 21, 2020

1. Fire doors are divided into two types: wooden and steel. The finished product must meet the fire performance required by the design, and the production unit must be approved by the public security department. All metal components shall be welded by arc, and the weld shall be free of defects such as unmelted, unwelded vent holes, cracks and burn through. After the steel frame is straight, it should meet the specifications, and the finished product should have a factory certificate, and check with the drawing whether it meets the design requirements.

2. The installation of the fire door should be level with the wall in the opening direction of the door leaf.

3. The installation of wooden fire door frame and fan is the same as that of wooden door frame fan.

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4. The fire door should be about 20mm smaller than the installation hole size. The door frame should be firmly connected to the wall. The gap should be filled with heat-resistant materials. The installation should be straight and avoid sawing. If there is unavoidable sawing, sawing and planing Fire-resistant paint must be painted once. After the installation of hardware is cut, fire-resistant paint should be painted once at the cut. Fire door and wall connection should be connected with expansion bolts. If wooden bricks are used, fire protection must be used, and fire doors must be closed. Device.

5. When the fire door leaf of the reinforced concrete door frame is installed in the door frame cutout, the gap between the fan and the frame around the frame should be adjusted first to make the door leaf straight. The upper and lower door shafts must be on the same vertical line. When the door frame is welded firmly to the embedded iron, the position should be corrected to prevent displacement and deformation. The upper and lower bolts, door bolts, and the handles should be installed in an accurate position, and welded firmly after trial installation. After the installation is completed, multiple switch tests should be performed, and the door frame painting and the hardware parts should be painted with fireproof paint after the inspection is qualified.

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