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ZOWOR--The Real Hi-tech factory!

April 20, 2020

Latest company news about ZOWOR--The Real Hi-tech factory!

ZOWOR's high-tech intelligent factory construction plan began as early as 2013. After 7 years of exploration and practice, we have achieved some remarkable results.


We first established a management system about the procurement of raw materials, the management of the material using to the storage of finished products. Correlate relevant data, automatically synthesize data reports, provide reasonable analysis data, these operations effectively reduced the occupancy rate of inventory funds. It has realized the systematic management of purchase, sales and inventory, and established a standardized process.


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At the same time, a product management system was started, which realized automatic calculation of produce processes, automatic synthesis of drawings, automatic generation of material plan requirements, automatic storage of data, etc. This system guaranteed the accuracy of production process calculation and the promptness of production material preparation.


In 2015, we carried out secondary development, added an order scanning system to supervise the order process, and solved the problems of order overdue warning, automatic storage code scanning.


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At the same time, ZOWOR have developed the CRM customer management system to solve the problems of customer information loss, regular automatic reminder visits, personnel work plan collection, and attendance automatic collation. At it also solved the problems of certificate query, order query, inventory query, overdue inventory reminder, etc. laid the foundation for the visualization of the marketing process and the transparency of the business, and also realized the refinement of customer resources and the effective management of the order production process.


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In 2018, our team updated the ZOWOR's ERP system for the third time. The paper-based materials of the orders was canceled, and the online order production management has solved the problem of difficulty in order delivery.


We will still continue to upgrade our system to build real high-tech intelligent factories.


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